See What Others Are Saying

See What Others Are Saying

Late In The Morning proves that Indecent Proposal isn't most bands, and between these two singles, they show us just how wide a sonic spectrum they explore. And I, for one, can't wait to see where it all goes next.

Late in the Morning' echoes elements from the instrumental arrangements of grunge stalwarts such as Pearl Jam and Nirvana, echoing the powerful emotional weight of that era. But don't mistake this as simply an homage to days gone by; the song is as much a forward-thinking creation as it is a nod to the past.

It's the kind of song that you can listen to on repeat and discover something new each time.

['Late in the Morning' is] a captivating track that showcases the band's talent for creating music with depth and emotion.

Indecent Proposal's "Late In The Morning" feels like a musical love letter to 90s grunge is an enchanting mix of retro influences and innovative production, wrapped up in an expansive package that mesmerizes from start to finish.

Late in the Morning' boldly showcases Indecent Proposal's vision for the future of music - authentic, unpretentious, and delightfully indecent. One can only anticipate where this incredible band will take us next.

If the previous song was built on pop frivolity, then Late In The Morning uses spiraling rock energy to get to where it is going. It builds in tension as it adds weight to its sonic shell; it raises anticipation for a pay-off that Indecent Proposal is smart enough not to deliver, keeping the listener focused as a result.

Late in the Morning" is another great song from Indecent Proposal and I believe its wide appeal will make it a quick fan favorite from this group's growing catalog.

The moment the vocals kick in, you're greeted with a voice that bears a striking resemblance to the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach, seamlessly threading the line between edgy and relaxed.