Indecent Proposal

Indecent Proposal is more than a name - it's a mindset. In a world where we constantly follow, and conform to fit in, we encourage the opposite. Our Indecent Proposal is to wholeheartedly embrace the essence of who you truly are without the weight of fitting the form. We propose to let go of expectations and bring love, respect, individuality, and courage to the floor. Be yourself, and be indecent.

Residing in Duluth, Minnesota, the band takes in the true musical roots of the historic city, more specifically taking in and reinforcing the essence of music legend Bob Dylan. Kindred to Dylan, we aim to shatter the confines of sticking to just one musical genre. We dig deep, explore, and invent music that speaks to who we are as humans.

The four-piece band consists of Josh Brown (Lead Singer/Producer), Terry Beckman (Bass Guitar/Manager), Jevin Joki (Drummer), and Jason Soderlund (Lead Guitar/Backup Vocals).